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Father Mark Hoying

About me: I am currently the pastor at Kalida St. Michael’s and have been here since July 2009. I am a member of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood Community and was ordained a priest in 1985.
I have been involved in church activities ever since I was young.  Growing up in a small church, Carthagena had 60 families, the parishoners did everything.  I helped remodel the church and later started teaching religion classes as a senior.  I did youth work and helped put on retreats.  I also did inner city work and worked with migrant ministry as I prepared for ordination.  I like when people worship well.  When people come together to pray, thank and praise God, I love it.  Anything I can do to make worship real to people excites me.  Music adds so much to prayer.  A goal of mine is to get everyone singing God’s praises in church.  A little known fact is that I helped write a published church song. 
Topics of morality which interest me are feeding the hungry and medical issues.  As I grew up on a farm with a very practical father who believed in feeding the world, I carry some of his passions with me.  I believe in safe food and in using our knowledge to produce abundant good food.  My dad preached to always leave the earth a better place which meant to take care of the land.
A second topic of interst for me is any medical issue.  After working in a hospital for six years I became hooked on discussions of the ethics of end of life issues, cloning etc.  There are so many issues which are so new that no clear answer comes to the forefront.  In all that discussion and even in the questions, I find God’s hand.
Best part of being Catholic, for me, is our richness in so many areas of finding God.  I love the sacraments, missionary activities, prayer styles.  There are a lot of things which I would like the church to grow in, but as a growing church I believe in the working of the Spirit to change in God’s time.
Hobbies:  I am a sports man of nearly any kind of sport.  My best sport is table tennis and enjoy watching basketball the most.  I like outside activities especially hiking.  I love farming and am good with animals.  My nickname is the pig farmer.
Favorite Bible verse.  I’ve got two.  I love to be a steward of creation.  That thought lets me know that God wants to work with us, trusts us, gives us responsibility and worth.  We are paired with God in how this world goes. 
The second Bible concept is that just as we love our children and would do anything for them, God would even do more for us as His children.  We are so loved by God. 
Hopes for the blog are for depth of faith.  Our faith offers us so much and it only gets deeper with discussions and understanding.  I hope that there be a way for people to ask questions about their faith and be able to find good answers which will help them live better and peaceful lives.

Jan Kahle- Right to Life Coordinator for the Diocese of Toledo

Approximate number of years working or volunteering for the church:  28 years combining volunteering and working.

In what church or group activities do you participate regularly? Social Justice Committee, Parish Council

What topics concerning morality interest you most? Abortion, Poor choices due to alcohol, drugs or pressure, Poor family relationships, Lack of a strong, consistant prayer life, Outreach to those in need, Courage and education to speak out for the most vulnerable

What’s the best part about being Catholic? The best part about being Catholic is knowing that the Holy Spirit is in place to guide our Church and that we have the Sacraments to sustain us through this life.

List a few of your hobbies: Reading, crocheting, cooking

What’s your favorite Bible verse or story? That actually seems to change from time to time, but recently it’s been the story of The Road to Emmaus. I love that they only recognized the risen Lord in the Breaking of the Bread, where we can find him today. My favorite line is “Were not our hearts burning (within us) while he spoke to us on the way and opened the scriptures to us?” Just love the idea of burning within.

What are your hopes for St. Michael’s blog? I’d love to see people get answers to questions and grow deeper in their relationship with God.

Who is your favorite saint? Hands down that’s the Blessed Virgin Mary. Her motherly compassion and support is offered to us just like our brother Jesus. How blessed are we!

3 responses

  1. Rose Langhals

    Great Idea!! I love this blog. What a great way to stay connected!

    July 13, 2010 at 10:56 pm07

  2. Amy Recker

    Great idea!

    July 13, 2010 at 10:56 pm07

  3. Stacy Knueve

    This is a wonderful site! I can’t wait to see what other topics are brought up!

    August 2, 2010 at 10:56 am08

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